Gas grill Urban Pro Trolley

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The gas grill Urban Pro Trolley is a compact yet powerful grill that is also suitable for smaller terraces. The body of the grill is made of time-resistant cast aluminum. Two stainless steel burners with a total power of 4.4 kW allow grilling, cooking and baking with both open and covered fire. The frame of the grill with large wheels is stable and allows you to move it. The enamelled cast iron grills have a total of 48x32 cm and fire protection plates are integrated inside. There are two grease traps under the body. Two easily removable side rails that can be attached to the grill frame. A 5kg gas cylinder can be placed inside the grill frame. The grill can also be used with threaded hiking balloons when purchasing the corresponding regulator. The dimensions of the grill when assembled are 94x 55x 99.5 cm and the weight is 18.5 kg. We recommend buying a cover, product code 5699.
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