Gas grill Valhal 310 CS, 3 burners and side burner + free gas regulator

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Brand: Dangrill
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Premium class gas grill! The Valhal series gas grills are specially manufactured for use in the Nordic climate. The grill has powerful 4kW burners and a rust-resistant cover. 3 stainless SS304 burners 4kW each, side burner 2.5kW. Automatic ignition. Large cast iron Grillflex cooking grate, cooking surface 57x45cm. Heating grid: enamelled steel. Enameled steel flame covers. Stainless steel thermometer and front panel. 4 rubber wheels, two of which are lockable. Dimensions: 126x59x117cm. Weight 41kg. A large gas cylinder of up to 11 kg fits in the bottom cabinet of the grill. NB! The kit includes a free Dangrill gas cylinder reducer kit, with hose and connecting clips.
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