Gas grill Enders Monroe Pro 3 Turbo

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Gas grill Enders Monroe Pro 3 Turbo is a superstar of gas grills! The grill has a total of 5 burners with a total power of 17.6kw. The grill has a Turbo Zone for browning meat, which reaches a temperature of up to 800°C and an infrared burner in the back wall of the combustion chamber. The Heat Range burner system allows you to maintain a uniform cooking temperature in the range of 80-300°C. Simple Clean allows the parts in the combustion chamber to be easily removed and washed. The Switch Grid enameled cast iron grill grate measuring 62x43cm has a removable core that can be replaced with a grill pan or a pizza base. The walls of the grill's combustion chamber are made of durable cast aluminum, the body and work surfaces are made of stainless steel, and there is a stainless heating grate under the lid. The window on the lid of the grill is made of heat-resistant glass. The grill has a 2.9kw side burner. An 11 kg gas cylinder fits in the cabinet under the grill. The grill wheels are lockable. The dimensions of the grill when assembled are L143.5xH118.5xD58cm and the working height from the ground is 90cm. Weight 50 kg. We recommend buying an additional cover for the grill, product code 5696.
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