Gas grill Valhal 420 CS, 4 burners and infrared ceramic side burner + free gas regulator

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Brand: Dangrill
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Premium class gas grill! The Valhal series gas grills are specially produced for use in the Nordic climate. The grill has a rust-resistant coating. 4 POWERFUL stainless steel burners, 4kW each, plus a 3.6kW ceramic infrared side burner. Automatic ignition. Large cast iron Grillflex baking tray, baking surface 71x45cm. The heating grate and burner covers are made of enamelled steel. Stainless steel thermometer and front panel. 4 rubber wheels, two of which are lockable. Dimensions: 140x59x117cm, weight 49kg. The lower cabinet of the grill can hold a large gas cylinder up to 11 kg. NB! The set includes a free Dangrill gas cylinder reducer set, with hose and connection clamps.
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