AM Cuore di Pietra Induction non-stick pan 24 cm

Brand: Accademia Mugnano
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AM Cuore di Pietra induction non-stick pan. Non-stick coating. The pan withstands very high temperatures and has a long service life. Ideal for cooking without oils and fats. The cover is resistant to metal kitchen utensils, scratches and cuts (in case of scratches, the pan can still be used safely). The high-thickness base made of pure aluminum (99.5%) ensures the ideal level of the pan. The heat is evenly distributed and allows food to cook perfectly. The ergonomic handle is non-slip and heat resistant. Dishwasher safe. Easy to clean, if necessary with a rough scent. Free of PFOA, nickel, cadmium and heavy metal particles. Product quality is guaranteed: Accademia Mugnano carries out regular internal and external inspections in cooperation with recognized international companies to ensure that the products are fully compatible and safe for food. Made of certified materials to ensure maximum reliability. The company's environmental management system is certified to the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard. Made in Italy.
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