EOL Module - chain with 100 cold-white LED lights, extendable, connection link at both ends of the chain, no rectifier

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Brand: Lander
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• NB! There is a connecting link at both ends of the chain. For use, you must purchase a rectifier art. LMDL-1-start
• Extendable low-voltage light chain with 100 cold-white LED lights• Up to 1000 lights can be connected between each other• Distance between lights 10cm• Chain length 10m• Extendable• White lightCombining with the T-shaped splitter, extension cable and icicle-type lights from the series of modular lights, you can design an original light with low electricity consumption that suits you between the fittings of light discharge chains. For example, to move the eaves around the window, from one balcony to another, from one window to another, etc.
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SKU: LMDL-1-start ,   Delivery time: 1-3 tp
9,90 €