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"SPEED MAX rotary mop - speed up the cleaning speed! A high-quality set - mop and bucket equipped with two rotating systems: rinsing and wringing. It allows you to work comfortably without bending over and getting your hands dirty. The SPEED MAX rotary mop is suitable for all types of floors such as wood, parquet, tile, for cleaning linoleum and laminate. Microfibre mop thoroughly cleans even dried dirt without the use of detergents. It does not leave streaks and scratches. The stable bucket included in the set does not move during cleaning and is extremely easy to fill and empty. The telescopic handle can be easily adjusted. Microfibre dries quickly, thereby reducing unpleasant odor and bacterial growth on the surface of the fibers.
the end of the rotary mop is rinsed using a built-in mechanism - without bending down and getting your hands dirty
, the filter in the bucket allows you to simply apply the mop tip and empty with the pedal to achieve the desired level of moisture.
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