York mop with SALSA telescopic handle

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The microfiber mop collects maximum dirt in the first stroke, leaving the floor clean without streaks. It can be used wet, but also dry - without using detergents. Thanks to the extremely absorbent material, the mop does not need to be rinsed too often, and the installation of the mop is extremely easy. Suitable for cleaning and polishing all types of floors. Easy access to hard-to-reach places - corners or under furniture. The handle is equipped with a rotating loop, which makes it easier to hold the mop, e.g. on the end of a hook. PROPERTIES
*a mop made of a special type of microfiber
*removes stubborn dirt without using detergents
*suitable for cleaning and polishing all types of floors
*can be used dry, e.g. to wipe up spilled liquids
*does not spread dirt on the surface to be cleaned, does not leave streaks and stains
*telescopic handle allows you to adjust the length
*the mop head is machine washable at 40°C
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