Charcoal grill "Taurus"

Brand: Grill & Chill
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The body of the grill is made of strong steel and covered with black heat-resistant powder paint. The outer dimensions of the grill are 113x64x110cm and the baking height from the ground is 85cm. The grill has a large and durable cast iron grill grid measuring 56x42 cm, in the middle of which there is a round removable core for using various accessories. There is also a chrome-plated steel heating grille under the grill lid. The height of the charcoal plate inside the grill is smoothly adjustable with a crank mechanism. There are a total of 4 adjustable ventilation openings on each side of the housing and lid, which can be used to check the cooking temperature. The grill has a built-in thermometer and a massive stainless steel handle. The front of the grill has a door with a stainless steel handle, a handle for the crank mechanism and a bottle opener. The ashtray at the bottom of the housing is pull-out, which makes cleaning the grill convenient. On the left side of the grill there is a second stainless steel handle and on the right side there is a side shelf equipped with hanging hooks for grilling accessories. The grill has two large wheels with a diameter of 17 cm, which make it easier to move the grill.
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