Gas grill Valhal 610CS with 6 burners + side burner + reducer Dangrill 175x59x114 cm; 6x4kw + 2.5kw

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Dangrill Valhal 610CS gas grill
Large and powerful gas grill designed for use in the Nordic climate. Cast iron, grill grid for use with Grillflex modules.

• The grill has six stainless steel brand SS304 burners with a power of 4kW each and a 2.5kW side burner.
• Grill dimensions: 174.6x 59x 114cm (width x depth x height)
• The size of the cooking area is 105.5x 45.2cm.
• Allows to cook for 20 people at a time.
• Under the grill there is a cabinet with two doors where you can place a 10kg gas cylinder!
• The grill has hanging hooks and a bottle opener.
• The control panel is made of stainless steel and the grill lid is double.
• The grill has 4 rubber wheels.

• Free gas regulator set included.
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