Frying pan 28 x 7cm, cast aluminum, thickness 9-10mm, non-stick Lotan cover, oven-proof handle (up to 240 * C)

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• The best pan in the world, the bottom of which does not bend during use • Suitable for both professional chefs and home-made gourmets who appreciate quality • For use on all types of cookers except induction cookers • Dimensions: ¨28cm, edge height 7cm -10 mm.
The bottom of the pan does not deform and guarantees an even baking result even in long-term use.
The pan can be heated at high temperature for 2-3 minutes to use at a lower temperature later.
The heat is evenly distributed throughout the pan, saving energy and time.
The pan is coated with a Lotan® non-stick coating and is PFOA and Teflon free.
The pan's cast aluminum housing is coated with 4 layers: 1) titanium oxide 2) anti-corrosion 3) ceramic and 4) non-stick Lotan® coating.
The handles of the pan are also suitable for use in the oven (up to 240 ° C).
The pan is easy to clean.
Made in Germany.
AMT Gastroguss panne is used by world-class chefs in international culinary competitions
Recognized by the Association of German Chefs as the best pan in the world.
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