thermal box 35L A ++, 12 / 220-240V 39W / 8.5W

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• Thermo box (car refrigerator) Mobicool • For car and household use - 12V DC, 220-240V AC / 50 Hz power supply • The device has a cooling and heating function and ECO mode • Energy class A ++ • Weight: 8.6kgFor car and household use, 12V DC, 230V AC (220-240V) / 50 Hz power supply, automatic switching, built-in car battery discharge protection, bottle valve built-in lid, can be used both lying down and upright, holds 2 liter bottles in an upright position, folding carrying handles on the sides, cooling and heating function.
Technical specifications:
Current voltage: 12V DC, 230V AC (220-240V) / 50 Hz built-in adapter
Capacity: 35 liters
Power for cooling: DC (12V) 47W or AC max 55W
Power for heating: DC (12V) and AC 39W
Power in ECO mode 8.5W
Cooling max. 20 degrees from ambient temperature
Heating up to a maximum of 65 degrees
Energy class A ++
Dimensions: 54 x 34.5 x 44 cm
Weight: 8.1kg
Insulation: High quality polyurethane CE, TUV / GS, e-4 certificates