Fish-BBQ pan 35x24x5cm, cast aluminum, thickness 9-10mm, non-stick Lotan cover, oven-proof handle (240 * C)

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The best pan in the world, the bottom of which does not become curved during use!
Suitable for both professional chefs and home-made gourmets who appreciate quality.
Bottom with grill surface and grease channel.
For use on all types of cookers, except induction cookers. The bottom thickness of the cast aluminum pan is 9-10 mm.
The bottom of the pan does not deform and guarantees an even baking result even in long-term use.
The pan can be heated at high temperature for 2-3 minutes to use at a lower temperature later.
The heat is evenly distributed throughout the pan, saving energy and time.
The pan is coated with a Lotan® non-stick coating and is PFOA and Teflon free.
The pan's cast aluminum housing is coated with 4 layers: 1) titanium oxide 2) anti-corrosion 3) ceramic and 4) non-stick Lotan® coating.
The handles of the pan are also suitable for use in the oven (up to 240 ° C).
The pan is easy to clean.
Made in Germany.
AMT Gastroguss panne is used by world-class chefs in international culinary competitions
Recognized by the Association of German Chefs as the best pan in the world.
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